Would have posted last night, but I was more than a little run down from the picc line and my first infusion. All went well. Arrived at the hospital at 8.32am with Chik-fila in hand, tried to down my breakfast as we waited to be called to check in. Check in went smoothly and we headed down to x-ray, dropped off paper work and took a seat. The wife was going to take photos, but realized she didn’t have the proper batteries for her camera, so she went in search of a gift shop….didn’t open until 9am. They called me back, lots of warnings and question asking, signed the paperwork. Found out that she couldn’t go back with me, cameras or not. There were going to be x-rays used and because of the radiation, she would have to wait outside. The prep took 10 mins. the PA that put the line in was page, putting in the line took, 5 mins.-lidocaine, some pressure, more pressure, done and cleanup took about 5mins., so at 9.20am we were on the road to the Wizard’s office 40mins away. Waited for almost 30mins, infusion nurse was running a bit behind. Go into the big chair, and tried to get settled. The coban and tegaderm that the hospital used came off, Jakki was show how to clean and change the dressing and how to administer my first infusion. (Took about 30mins.) The other hour and a half of the appt. was education about the picc, trying to video what we could, and seeing the Wiz for a few minutes.

I was exhausted, and behind on my medication so I was in quite a bit of pain, we decided just to head home since it was almost 1pm at that point. The drive home was laborious, Jakki was tired and I was just struggling with pain and discomfort. We made a quick stop for some Cook Out, I got a Coke Float and she got her cheeseburger and milkshake, we made it home in one piece with a lot of IV fluid and medical supplies in tow. It looks like I’ll be headed down every two weeks, and eventually every three. We’re starting out “vanilla” as the Wizard calls it. Just one antibiotic, once a day, M, W, F. We may up it to M-F, depending on my reaction, and after we get through that, it’ll be the last time I’m on just one abx. We’ll stack them and I’ll be infusing M-F, most likely two times a day and using fluids on off days. The dressing gets changed weekly, so Jakki has one time to practice before we go back in two weeks, then she’ll change the dressing for the nurse to show that she’s competent. I told her if she passes, I’ll make her a certificate. I know she didn’t sign up for any of this and medical talk makes her feel like she’s going to pass out, so I’m thankful that she’s willing to do this for me because I understand what a challenge it is for her. Luckily, we’ll be at home, so hopefully the medical talk can stay at a minimum. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, but so far, so good.

BTW, my picc line’s name is Edgar and it’s 34cm long. Just in case you were going to ask.

  1. babesiosis says:

    […] with Chik-fila in hand, tried to down my breakfast as we waited to be called to check in. Chechttps://tomcollins.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/its-not-a-pig-line-its-picc-line/Rockland briefing The Journal NewsThe East Ramapo Board of Education will meet at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow […]

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